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Dr. Arun Kurkure Initiation and Treatment Fund

Everyday hundreds of poor patients come to Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai) from across the country because they may be suffering from Cancer. Often they come with very little money as most come from underprivileged backgrounds. The high cost of initial diagnosis deters them from returning for treatment. A study done by the pediatric department at TMH showed that the dropout rate is 20%.

To overcome this, Indian Cancer Society (ICS) came up with the Dr. Arun Kurkure Initiation and Treatment Fund. This fund is aimed at poor patients who are unable to afford the initial costs of diagnosis and/or need help in covering certain part of their treatment costs.

Initiation Fund: This fund is given to poor patients who are unable to afford the initial costs of diagnosis at the Cancer Hospital. Any patient from a government hospital can take benefit of this fund. An amount of Rs. 15,000/- is given to the hospital so that the patient can undergo all the required initial tests at the hospital for his diagnosis. The objective is to enable them to do the various tests to determine the diagnosis. If this is not done, they may go back home only to return to the hospital with the cancer in an advanced state.

Treatment Fund: This fund is given to poor patients so that certain part of their cancer treatment costs gets covered. An amount of Rs. 10,000/- is given after the completion of the due diligence process done by our social workers. We hope that by funding a part of the treatment, it will enable the patient to seek other funding resources.

In the last 3 years, ICS has helped 1942 patients by assisting them initiate diagnosis and cover part of their treatment cost. We have spent nearly Rs 2 crores through this fund in the last 3 years.

Process: ICS has robust and efficient systems to ensure every rupee of donation is put to good use.

Patients whose annual income is below Rs. 2 lakhs are assisted under this program. When the patient comes with the hospital case papers, ICS Medical Social Worker does a due diligence on the family background, income and the balance in his/her hospital account. Once convinced and after proper documents are provided, the funds are released for the diagnosis/treatment procedures. The entire process takes about 3-4 days. The social workers also help these patients through counselling.

For further details contact: kiran@indiancancersociety.org

Indian Cancer Society- Cancer Cure Fund (ICCF)

The Indian Cancer Society - Cancer Cure Fund is a flagship project of ICS which provides financial aid for treatment to needy cancer patients. Cancer is curable, if detected early and treated in time. However, most patients in India with cancer are not able to afford the treatment costs and therefore do not survive this disease. This project has transformed the lives of over 2500 needy cancer patients across the country, many of whom have completed their treatment and returned to productive life once again. ICS has implemented this at a pan India level covering over 28 states and we are pleased to report that 80% of the beneficiaries are less than 30 years of age.

This project is unique, first of its kind initiative of ICS in collaboration with HDFC AMC Ltd. In February 2011, HDFC AMC launched a Debt Mutual fund which gave the investors an option to donate 50% or 100% of their dividend income from this mutual fund to the Indian Cancer Society to fund the treatment cost for needy patients. ICS is grateful to each of those 2500 investors of this fund who have donated their income to ICS and have helped transform the lives of these patients through the Cancer Cure Fund Project. ICS would also like to place on record its gratitude to HDFC AMC for launching this unique product that has enabled ICS to raise the funds required for this project.

Amount sanctioned till 31st May 2017:
Rs 96.01 crores for 3769 sanctioned patients

Navin Bhuva

Navin Bhuva

16 year old Navin Bhuva from Porbandar, Gujarat was pursuing his studies with the aim becoming an engineer one day. He enjoyed playing with his friends in his free time, until one day when he had severe joint pain and was difficult for him to walk or travel to his college. Local doctor suggested CT and Bone scan, after which he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of Bone cancer. ‘All my hopes had trashed. I had only heard about cancer but never thought I would be the victim. I doubt if I will ever be able to run again’, were his thoughts.

Navin was a fighter and wanted to achieve his dreams. His parents took him to Kailash Cancer Hospital, Goraj, Gujarat. His initial treatment started with the monetary support from relatives and friends. But continuing the treatment was difficult as they couldn’t afford the remaining treatment of surgery and prosthesis which was costing around 2.4 lacs. Arranging this amount for a daily wager like me, was next to impossible. We had almost decided to discontinue the treatment and go back to village, when the social worker of the hospital, told us about ICCF. They said that my son’s case has been approved by ICS and they would be taking care of his treatment cost. I was overjoyed and couldn’t believe in my fortune’ said Navin’s father.

Navin now 17 years, fought the battle of cancer and has appeared for his 12th exams this year. ‘ICCF may have helped many patients like me but I will always be thankful to them as, when all the doors were closed it was ICCF who helped me and now I can pursue my dreams of becoming an engineer’, says Navin with a bright smile on his face.



Grandma Navaneetham, 58 years old today lives happily with her 13 grandchildren! But this wasn't the situation a year back, when she was diagnosed with Breast cancer. She feels hardship is her name. When 11, she became a victim of child marriage and married a 35 year old man as his second wife. This didn't stop her from being a good wife. She raised her 4 kids and tried to fulfill all their needs. She couldn't get her childhood back but was happy with her family, till the time she complained about her pain in the breast.

The local clinic detected a lump in her left breast and diagnosed it as a malignant tumor. Her family insisted her to visit CMC, Vellore and they were glad that they went there, as they got treatment assistance from ICCF of Rs.1 lac. 'I can't stop thanking god for saving my mother. ICCF has been a boon to needy people like us. I smile when I see my mother playing with my children', says her elder son.


Prajakta Ghorpade

Prajakta Ghorpade is a 20-year old college going girl from Satara, Maharashtra. She was preparing for her third year B.Sc. when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was a brilliant student in her college. Her father is a farmer and his annual family income is not more than Rs. 19,000.

Initially when she had fever and mild weakness, she went to the local hospital. When there was no relief she went to a bigger hospital where she was diagnosed with cancer. She was then advised to go to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in October 2012.

After initial investigations, she was told to undergo chemotherapy. The total cost for chemotherapy worked out to Rs. 2.5 lakhs, but her family, being poor could not afford the cost of the treatment. Prajakta has lost all her hope as she did not want her parents to be burdened by her illness. She did not want to start the treatment, but her father was determined to save his daughter’s life, decided to sell his land.

This situation did not go unnoticed. The TMH Social Service Department, in November 2012, suggested that she approach ICS CCF. After undergoing the CCF procedures, she got sanction for the necessary amount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Her treatment started immediately after the sanction and completed in May 2013. Prajakta is highly inspired by the CCF work. She decided to do some kind of charitable work that would serve society. Therefore she has taken up her degree course on social work. She and her family are grateful for the valuable help rendered by ICS CCF.


Narshibhai Savjibhai Hadiyal

Narshibhai Savjibhai Hadiyal, is a 15 year old from Kalyanpur, Gujarat. He was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a cancer that starts in the bones. In January 2015, he started complaining about joint pain in his legs. He underwent treatment in Jamnagar but the relief was short lived. The pain in his leg came back.

This time, local doctors advised for CT scans. It was only after the scans that he was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma. He was asked to go to Gujarat Cancer and Research Centre Hospital at Ahmedabad. His father is a daily wage laborer with an annual income of about Rs. 15,000 and the family was worried about the arrangement of funds for the treatment. However with the help of the Gujarat State Govt. Maa Yogana Scheme his treatment began in February, 2015.

The treatment plan included surgery and prosthesis. The grant covered surgery, but does not fund prosthesis which cost Rs. 1.1 lakhs. With the help of a GCRI social worker and doctor, his case was referred to the ICS CCF in April 2015. ICS CCF had sanctioned Rs. 1.1 lacs for the prosthesis and this is how Narshibhai completed the treatment. Currently, he is on follow up at GCRI and has also resumed his education. He is studying in the 10 standard and is very happy.


Paritosh Muhuri

A sole bread-winner for a family of three in Agartala, Tripura, Paritosh Muhuri was diagnosed with cancer in 2002. He had an annual income of Rs 42,000 through private tuitions. He started getting severe joint pain and fever and was devastated when diagnosis at the GB hospital in Agartala confirmed that he was suffering from Acute Myeloid Luekemia, a kind of blood cancer.

Paritosh was referred to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai for treatment in August 2013 after his condition worsened and he started to complain of throat pain and bleeding. He was asked to undergo Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) in October that year, as it was the only way to save his life.

With the total cost of treatment likely to be around Rs 12, 00,000, Paritosh was resigned to his fate as he had spent all his life savings on his treatment in the past decade and had even sold his land to fund the same. He was referred to ICS-CCF by the hospital’s Social Service Department. After detailed analysis of his case, ICS-CCF sanctioned Rs.4 lakhs for his treatment in July 2014 and the BMT was completed within six months. After completion of his treatment, Paritosh has started giving private tuitions. His daughter is now 5 years old and the doting father has thanked ICS-CCF for the support in his treatment and helping him start his life afresh.


Pankaj Kumar

Son of a farm laborer in Bulandsheher, UP, Pankaj’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma. Just 20, Pankaj was preparing for entrance tests to join the Indian Army when a freak accident while dancing at a friend’s wedding resulted in a minor fracture which ultimately led to Osteogenic Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Complaining of severe pain in his leg, Pankaj was referred to Dharmshila Cancer Hospital in Delhi where it was confirmed that he was suffering with bone cancer and the doctors were quick to suggest amputation of his leg so that the infection would not spread elsewhere. He then went to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute (RGCI), New Delhi, for a second opinion.

At RGCI, the doctors also recommended surgery to amputate the leg and then would provide him with prosthesis. The entire treatment cost was approximately Rs.5.5 lacs at RGCI and it was not possible for his parents to arrange for the money. He was therefore referred to ICS - CCF by the treating doctor in RGCI in August 2012. ICS - CCF then sanctioned Rs. 4 lacs for his treatment and with these funds he completed his surgery and also got prosthesis. He is now on follow up at RGCI, Delhi. Pankaj has also completed his education and is a commerce graduate. He is currently working as a Computer Operator in BSNL, receiving a salary of Rs. 9,000/- per month. On 10th March, 2016 he got married and still continues his passion of bike riding and is deeply grateful to ICS - CCF for valuable assistance and giving him a ray of hope to be able to live his life.


Mohammed Tanveer

Tanveer, a 10 year boy from Bhagalpur, Bihar is the only son of his parents. The family was disturbed one day in 2013, when Tanveer got prolonged fever and blood oozing from his stool and gums. Local treatment did not help and they went to a city based hospital. His blood test reports alerted the doctor there, who told his parents to take him to Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai. With just Rs 50,000 in hand, they reached TMH.

Tanveer was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, a type of blood cancer. The treatment cost was about Rs 3 lakhs. His parents returned to Bihar to arrange for funds but were unable to do so. To make matters worse, they never came back! Tanveer was left with his uncle who took up his complete responsibility. The case came to the CCF project of Indian Cancer Society. After due diligence, CCF granted Rs 3 lakhs for treatment, which was completed successfully in September 2014.

Tanveer now stays with his uncle and does not want to return to his parents in Bihar. He has already taken admission in 8th Std in a Hindi medium BMC school and wants to be a teacher! His parents say that their inability to raise funds meant the end of their son’s life and hence did not come back. They proudly say CCF has come as a boon to their son’s life and are very thankful!


Paramshivan P

As the sole breadwinner of his family with two children, 26 year old Paramshivan from Tamil Nadu had persistent fever for a couple of months. This was also leading to increase in his medical expenditure and he was worried. His wife took him to a city hospital in Coimbatore where he was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer and was referred to Cancer Institute, Adyar.

His wife had no clue on the next steps as the word ‘Cancer’ itself was a dangerous term for her. Moreover, the treatment cost was estimated to be around Rs 4 lakhs. Since the case fit the criteria of CCF, Adyar’s social worker referred the case to us. Looking at the good prognosis, the Governing Advisory Council of CCF sanctioned Rs 4 lakhs in two installments.

With this financial support, Paramshivan completed his treatment and is now on his follow up. He currently works as a mechanic at his hometown. He is really happy that he is able to take care of his family and is highly thankful to ICS CCF for the timely help given.


Rajib Malik

Rajib Malik never had an easy life. He lost his father at the age of 2yrs. His mother worked as a labourer in Kolkata and earned not more than Rs. 24,000/- annually and was raising Rajib and her younger sister with great difficulty.

When Rajib was in his 8th standard, he developed swelling on his body. The local private practitioner suspected it to be cancer and suggested his mother to visit Tata Memorial hospital (TMH), Mumbai. With the basic financial help from villagers and distant relatives, Rajib’s mother came to Mumbai and got him registered and admitted in TMH. Rajiv was diagnosed with Rabhdomysarcoma, a cancer made up of cells that normally develop into skeletal muscles.

The treatment had to begin but she had exhausted all her money and was completely clueless on the next move. She knew she had to treat her son but didn’t know how to go about it without money. At this point of time the TMH Social Service Department, referred her case to ICS CCF. Rajib’s case was picked up for further procedures by this project. After a thorough due diligence, ICCF sanctioned Rs.2.5 lacs for Rajib’s treatment. The treatment took almost a year at the end of which Rajib was back on his foot!

Rajib, now 21 years, stays in Jaipur learnt the skill of Goldsmith. He is working with a Jeweler in Jaipur, and earns Rs. 6000/-every month & sends money to his mother who continues to stay in Kolkata with her daughter.

It has been nearly 2 years now that Rajib is on his follow ups. He believes that ICS CCF has given him a new life! But we know that it is not we but our generous donors who have helped us save many more lives like Rajib.


Aviral Thapa

Life can get very complex at times. Aviral’s case best describes this. What struck you most at the end is the way his family overcame this struggle successfully.

Aviral Thapa’s and his family belonged to Darjeeing, West Bengal. His father had health issues for a very long time and was unemployed since 2007. His mother worked in a canteen as a cook and earned Rs.5000/- per month.

Aviral then 14 years was happy with his life until one day his nose started bleeding while in school. After the initial basic medications, he felt good. However after few days he came across other issues like difficulty in opening jaws, unable to listen etc. His mother took him to a specialist, where after few tests they detected a tumour. Aviral was advised to go to Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata, where he was diagnosed with Naso Pharyngeal Carcinoma. The estimated cost certificate for the treatment was almost Rs.3 lacs.

At the very same time, his father was advised to undergo an immediate kidney transfer. Aviral’s mother went through a very tough time where on one hand her only son had to undergoing cancer treatment which would cost her 3lacs and the other, her husband was advised for kidney transplant in another hospital in Kolkata. There was no way she could manage both these costs. This is when she came to know that ICCF had sanctioned the treatment cost for Aviral. She was in tears and didn’t know whom to thank. It was a huge relief to her as this gave her some hope for her son’s recovery. She was sure that she will be able to manage the cost of her husband’ treatment.

Aviral successfully completed his treatment in 4 months and is now on his follow up past 7 months at TMC, Kolkata. Post his treatment he rejoined his 9th standard and will be appearing for his 10th exam next year.

They say difficulty comes from all sides and Aviral’s mother can best describe this.


Nalla Gangadhar’s Journey

Life had been interesting for Nalla Gangadhar, an 18 years old boy from Andhra Pradesh. Being the youngest in the family and a bright student he was the most sought after both by his family and school. Things would have continued the same way until one morning in 2011, while preparing for his school test of 10th standard he sensed a severe back pain. Little did he or his parents knew what was in store in the coming days. Thus started his visits to the local doctor for checkups and finally Nalla was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The type of cancer didn’t matter to the parents but the very fact that Nalla had blood cancer threw his parents off the track. Importantly, they were unaware of the further challenges that were creeping in.

Nalla’s father was a farmer earning not more than Rs. 3500 per month. They realized that some money is required to take their son to the hospital and so they sold their farm. Nalla’s school friends also helped in by pooling in some money. However no one could gauge the huge emotional turmoil Nalla and his family were undergoing. They had no one to speak about it. Nalla’s health meanwhile further deteriorated. He felt his disease is not curable, was losing hope and didn’t want his family to spend any further money on treatment. Slowly the feeling of death was seeking onto him.

After visiting couple of big hospitals in Vizag, Vellore and Pune, they reached Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai where they realized that there is still hope! Seeing other patients who were undergoing treatment boosted their energy. However the challenge of the cost of the treatment still remained and that’s when they were referred to ICCF by the medical social worker of TMH. The total treatment cost around 4 lakhs and Nalla’s family received this amount in their TMH account. Nalla’s treatment continued for 2 years and his health started improving. Finally in November 2013 on completion of his treatment he was ready to go back to his village and more important his school. Currently he is on his quarterly follow up with TMH and comes to visit ICCF team regularly.

Nalla is now living a normal life. His parents had never thought that Nalla will attend his 12th standard exam and clear it with 87%. Currently he is in his rst year of graduation. For Nalla ICCF has been his GOD but we know that our real heroes are the HDFC AMC donors who have managed to put this fund together. On behalf of Nalla and many others, ICS wishes to thank each one of them.


Dar Afooza – “Be Positive, things will work out”

I was very happy when my daughter was born irrespective of all the comments that I got to hear from my community. We belong to a minority community where girls are not so welcomed. Imagine the situation when the girl is hit by a dangerous disease where the survival rate is unsure and the treatment requires lot of money. That’s what happened with me and my girl Dar Afrooza. We belong to Anantnag, a small town in Jammu and Kashmir.

Afrooza was 16 years when she complained of frequent heavy bleeding. The local doctors referred us to a nearby hospital who then directed us to Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Srinagar. We met Dr. Aleem Jaan and Dr. Jawid who described Afrooza’s diagnosis to us. We were shaken and in a denial mode. How and why my beautiful daughter should be chosen for this disease. I work as a labourer and earn not more than Rs. 2000 per month. The treatment cost was nearly Rs. 6 lakhs which was next to impossible for us to raise. I always believe in staying positive and continued with my prayers. Things started falling in right place and I kept bouncing on to right people. Who could have imagined the doctor treating their patients, with their own money. It was because of Dr. Jawid’s help, Afrooza’s treatment began.

Meanwhile my relatives kept insisting that I am wasting my time, though I was clear on trying all the possible opportunities. If my daughter has to die, she will, but I will be happy that I have at least tried! SKIMS then referred the case to ICCF, Mumbai and I saw a ray of hope. The team was excellent. They funded the treatment cost and after a year and a half of treatment, Afrooza was back on her legs.

Afrooza is now in her 9th standard. What more could I have asked for, in life! Thanks to all the good people who have helped Afrooza in leading a normal life like her other friends.

As told by Afrooza’s father

DDT Mumbai:

  • Dr. Tushar Vora (Chairman)
  • Ms. Gouri Raverkar (Member Secretary)
  • Dr. Shripad Banavali
  • Dr. Anant Gokarn
  • Dr. Ashish Gulia
  • Dr. Seema Gulia
  • Dr. Hasmukh Jain
  • Dr. Amit Joshi
  • Dr. Nehal Khanna
  • Dr. Shiva Kumar
  • Dr. Purna Kurkure

DDT Bengaluru:

  • Dr. Hari Menon (Chairman)
  • Mr. Vijay Sharma (Member Secretary)
  • Dr Vijay Agarwal
  • Dr Vikram Kekatpur
  • Dr Shekhar Patil
  • Dr Vishal Rao
  • Dr Kumaraswamy
  • Dr Ravi Thippeswamy
  • Mrs. Usha Thorat (Chairperson)
  • Mrs. Sheila Nair (Member Secretary)
  • Mrs. Smita Aggarwal
  • Dr. Rajendra Badwe
  • Mr. Milind Barve
  • Dr. Anita Borges
  • Mr. Keki Dadiseth
  • Mr. Uday Khanna
  • Mr. Homi Khusrokhan
  • Mr. Naveen Kshatriya
  • Mr. Hari Mundra
  • Dr. Tapan Saikia
  • Mr. M. K. Sharma

ICCF works with the network of empanelled hospitals all over the country. Cancer patients whose annual income is below below two lakhs, instead of 1 lakh and who meet the survival rate criterion are only eligible for the ICCF grant. Following is the list of 16 empanelled hospitals that have been empanelled and we look forward to empanel more eligible hospitals at regular intervals.

  • BKL Walawalkar Hospital, Chiplun
  • Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Silchar
  • Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai
  • Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Ahmedabad
  • Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Hyderabad
  • Kailash Cancer Hospital, Goraj, Vadodara
  • Mahavir Cancer Sansthan and Research Centre, Patna
  • Narayana Health Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Bangalore
  • Patel Hospital, Jalandhar
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer and Research Institute, New Delhi
  • Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum
  • Sher - I - Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar
  • Sawai Maan Singh Hospital, Jaipur
  • Sri Shankara Cancer hospital and Research Centre, Bangalore
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

"I am very excited to work with Indian Cancer Society to scale up the operations and reach out to millions of deserving patients. We have to look at how to downstage cancer by detecting it early using technology. Technology is the best way to reduce the cost and reach out to millions. Looking forward to work with you and to make this world a better place to live in."

Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman and Founder
Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre- Bangalore

Cancer Institute (W.I.A) Chennai, is privileged to be associated with Indian Cancer Society (ICS). Over the last 6 decades we have strived hard to provide the state of art treatment to the underprivileged without any social or economic divide. This has been made easier by the generosity of ICS whose funding has helped us to fulfill the needs of many patients.

Over the last 3 years, the financial assistance from ICS is Rs.2.7 Crores which has supported 120 patients. This funding has been used for providing bone marrow transplantation, limb salvage surgery, many major surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The unique feature of the funding from ICS is the promptness with which the funds are released. This has helped us in treating patients without delay. We are proud to say that we have not refused “state of art treatment” to any of the patients who have come seeking help.

Dr. V.Shanta, Chairman
Cancer Institute, Adyar

Department of Medical Oncology SKIMS, puts on record with the deepest sense of gratitude and thanks to Indian Cancer Society for their financial assistance to genuine needy and under privileged patients of various malignancies to undergo their primary treatment. This helping hand has infused new hope and life into these patients who otherwise would not afford such costly affair. This celestial step has facilitated their access to various sophisticated and high end investigations that has optimized their management.

It would be unethical, not to laud the cooperation, courtesy and the continuity the officials of ICS exhibit while handling such cases as far as official work is concerned. They stand through thick and thin, round the clock with Dr. Burhan from this Department for this human Endeavour.

Prof (Dr.) Shiekh Aejaz Aziz, Head,
Dept. of Medical Oncology, SKIMS

“The Christian Medical College, Vellore has been striving to provide excellent, affordable care to patients who come from all over the country.Patients who come from the poorer and vulnerable strata of society are preferentially afforded the best possible treatment. Partnering with the Indian Cancer Society in providing funding for curable cancers has tremendously increased the number of such patients receiving treatment. They go home with a satisfied smile and much gratitude, knowing that they have beaten the dreaded disease and have been looked after in the best way possible. Thank you ICS and all your donor funding partners for boosting our ability to deliver such treatments.”

Dr. Raju Titus Chacko, Professor, Medical
Oncology, Christian Medical College, Vellore

“Indian Cancer Society’s Cancer Cure Fund is one of the most innovative ideas to help & support cancer patients in India. It will not be an exaggeration, if I say this is quite innovative globally, that investors would put in funds and this fund will be utilized for poor patients and they would get some tax benefits out of that. What is unique about this fund is that it has a shortest turnaround time. Unless the funds are available the treatment cannot begin and these funds are immediately made available by Indian Cancer Society’s Cancer Cure Fund. This has reduced abandonment of treatment by more than 50% of patients.”

Dr. (Prof.) R. A. Badwe (Hospital Partner)
Director, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

“It is indeed a great initiative. This kind of ventures would surely bring smile on the faces of many cancer patients, who found it difficult to meet their ends. RCC, Trivandrum is glad to be a part of this and hope that this venture may inspire more and more people to extend their help and support to the poor and needy cancer patients.

May god torrentially shower all the blessings on all of you who are a part of this great initiative.”

Dr. P. T. Latha
Assoc. Professor & Welfare Officer
Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum

“I do not quite qualify to be called a donor though that was what I took myself to be until I saw your video. The true donors are institutions like yours whose members donate their soul and energy to reach out to the distressed on the ground. May God be with you all”

A.L. Narsimhan (Donor)
  •  Right to Left - Mr Naveen Khastriya, Ms Shikha Sharma, Mr Uday Kotak, Mr Milind Barve, Mr Homui Khusrokhan, Mr Kewal Nohria
    Right to Left - Mr Naveen Kshatriya, Ms Shikha Sharma, Mr Uday Kotak, Mr Milind Barve, Mr Homi Khusrokhan, Mr Kewal Nohria
  •  ICS - CCF Staff
    ICS - CCF Staff
  • Dr Shripad Banavali, Mr Maturin Tchoumi, Dr Shailesh Ayyangar, Mr Milind Barve, Mrs Usha Thorat
    Dr Shripad Banavali, Mr Maturin Tchoumi, Dr Shailesh Ayyangar, Mr Milind Barve, Mrs Usha Thorat
  • Celebrating life
    Celebrating life
  • Mr Manoj Dhara  with Mrs Usha Thorat
    Mr Manoj Dhara with Mrs Usha Thorat
  • Mrs Smita Aggarwal addressing the audience
    Mrs Smita Aggarwal addressing the audience
  • Mrs Usha Thorat with Dr Shripad Banavali and Gouri Raverkar
    Mrs Usha Thorat with Dr Shripad Banavali and Gouri Raverkar
  • Children's dance
    Children's dance

ICCF celebrated the “Thank You Event” on March 7, 2014 at YB Chavan, Mumbai. The objective of the event was to thank the donors of this fund for their generosity and show case to them the manner in which their donation has been put to good use and has helped change so many lives.

The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Deepak Parekh (CEO of HDFC Ltd) and Ms. Shobha De who were invited as Chief Guests of the event. At this event, ICS had invited donors, directors and doctors of the empanelled hospitals, members of GAC and DDT Team and a few of the beneficiary patients from Mumbai as well as from other parts of the country to share their experiences and how they emerged as "Victors" of cancer.

The Chief Guests and other eminent members were invited on the stage to share their views and experiences about the ICS Cancer Cure Fund. The UGAM group of Cancer Survivors then conducted a dance programme as a tribute to the work done by ICS CCF.

The Thank You event was a success with all the members present in the event showered their appreciation for carrying out such noble work of helping the cancer patients. The beneficiary patients were very thankful to ICS CCF for showing them a ray of hope in their adversities.

The Donors of this fund were satisfied and happy that their contributions had created such a large impact in treatment of needy cancer patients.


  • Chief Guests - Mr Deepak Parekh and
    Ms. Shobha De

  • Dance Performance by UGAM Group

  • Few words by Ms. Shobha De
    - Chief Guest

  • GAC and DDT Team of ICS CCF

  • ICS CCF Beneficiaries

  • ICS CCF Presentation given by
    Mrs. Smita Aggarwal, NMC Member ICS

  • ICS CCF Thanksgiving Event held at Y.B.Chavan, Mumbai

  • Key Note Address by Dr. Purvish Parikh- DDT Chairperson of ICS CCF

  • Mrs Usha Thorat -Trustee ICS,
    talking about ICS CCF

  • The ICS CCF Team

HDFC Mutual Funds SBI Foundation Union Bank Social Foundation


For further details contact: roshni@indiancancersociety.org

Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT)

In December 2009, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, in a magnanimous gesture, offered to assist Indian Cancer Society in its efforts of providing financial aid to underprivileged cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital & the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for children.

Under this project, Indian Cancer Society along with SRTT, funds part or the entire treatment cost of 7 cancer patients each month, both children and adults. The patients’ applications are thoroughly scrutinized by Indian Cancer Society’s medical social workers in accordance with the strict guidelines laid down by SRTT & then send them to SRTT for evaluation & acceptance.

For further details contact: kiran@indiancancersociety.org