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TheIndian Cancer Society strongly believes that “Cancer is Curable, when Detected Early.” Hence, early diagnosis of cancer has been the core objective of our Mobile Cancer Detection Camps and the Cancer Detection Centre.

The Cancer Detection provides a complete screening of symptomatic persons in the following manner:

Examination/Tests done at Cancer Detection

  • Complete ENT Examination including Indirect Laryngoscopy by the ENT surgeon.
  • Complete Physical Check-up along with Prostate Examination by a surgeon (for Men).
  • Gynecological Examination including Breast check-up and Pap smear by a Gynecologist (for Women).

Achievements of Cancer Detection Centre

Camps People Examined
General MCDC More than 3000 More than 3,00,000
Mammography Camps More than 500 More than 10,000

For further details kindly email: ashok.c@indiancancersociety.org