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Research and Knowledge


The Mumbai Cancer Registry was established in June 1963 as a Unit of Indian Cancer Society with the aim of “Obtaining reliable incidence and mortality on cancer from a precisely defined urban population.”

Mumbai is the first population based cancer registry to be established in India, the second in Asia which covers 603 sq. km. area of Greater Mumbai.

The success of the Mumbai Cancer Registry, led ICS to establish satellite registries in Pune (1972), Aurangabad (1978) and Nagpur (1980) so as to study the problem throughout Maharashtra state.

The information given by the registry is useful in identifying factors in the community which lead to a better understanding of cancer, and can be translated into improved prevention, screening and early diagnostic strategies.

Satellite Cancer Registry

The first satellite registry was established in 1972 in Pune, the second in Aurangabad in 1978 and third in Nagpur in 1980.


Until now the Cancer Registry Division has registered more than 4 lakh cancer patients across Maharashtra. In the year 2013, the Cancer Registry Division has registered more than 18,000 cases in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad.


The Mumbai and Pune registry data has been accepted for the Scientific Publication of Cancer Incidence in five Continents - Volume X, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France. Until now the Mumbai registry has published more than 100 research articles in International & National Journals and has also published 50 Monographs on cancer incidence and mortality, survival & trends.

Research for Cancer Incidence & Mortality:

Indian Journal of Cancer

The Indian Journal of Cancer, the first indexed oncology journal from India, was established in 1963. It is still the foremost periodical serving the needs of all the specialties of oncology in India. Its international repute is recognized by its indexing with most bibliographic databases including MEDLINE, Index Medicus, EMBASE and Biological Abstracts. The journal is the official publication of the Indian Cancer Society, the Indian Society of Oncology (ISO) and the Indian Cooperative Oncology Network (ICON). The editor in Chief Dr. Kumar Prabhash is aided by a very illustrious editorial board comprising of renowned oncologists from all over India.

The authorship as well as the readership of Indian Journal of Cancer has expanded beyond the boundaries of the country. Annually more than 5000 copies of the journal are distributed. Apart from journal's own website, the internet issue of the journal attracts more than 5000 visitors per month from all over the world. The journal utilizes most advanced tools for its management including an electronic system for manuscript submission and review.
- Dr Vinay Deshmane, Editor Emeritus


The objective of Indian Cancer Society is to have many such educational programs so as to update specialists and postgraduate medical students in the “state of art” management of various cancers and thereby improve the overall quality of patient care in the community. The faculty members are all experts in their field and include overall quality of patient care in the community.