"To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself" said Simone de Beauvoir, a well- known French feminist. Many cancer patients loose parts of their body to control and avoid the spread of cancer to other parts. Breast, cervix and colorectal cancer are the three most common cancers among the Indian population.

Since early 80’s ICS has diligently started producing indigenous prosthesis to support cancer survivors trained by ICS under the supervision of occupational therapists.

The aim of our prosthetic team is to enhance the quality of lives of people affected by cancer with compassion, care and empathy and restore them with appropriate counseling on body image and health implication of cancer treatment and prosthetic needs.

For patients affected by breast & cervical cancer-breast prosthesis & vaginal dilator are made and provided to patients at a subsidized rate as per their eligibility.

For colon cancer patients, aids such as stoma bag, irrigation bag, sleeves and colo belts are made and provided to patients requiring them.

Patients are assessed before providing the prosthesis on the referral of the doctor.

As part of our survivorship efforts, we have various prostheses and aids produced in-house by cancer survivors/patients in Mumbai. In just last 5 years, over 7800 cervical cancer kits, over 28000 breast prostheses and approx 46000 colostomy kits have been distributed among economically challenged survivors.

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To buy / enquire about prosthesis products,
please call / write to us on :
+91-22-2413 9445 / 51
Helpline No. 1800-22-1951

Prosthetics Products

  • Breast Prosthesis

    Breast Prosthesis

    Size: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
  • Latex Breast prosthesis

    Latex Breast Prosthesis

    Size: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    (Available in with / without weight)
  • Mastectomy Braziers

    Mastectomy Braziers

    Size: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
  • Vaginal Dilator

    Vaginal Dilator

    Size: V.D.Kit - All Sizes
    Size: V.D.Kit - S/M & L/M


  • Stoma Bag

    Stoma Bag

  • Irregation Bag

    Irregation Bag

  • Colo Belt

    Colo Belt

  • Sleeves


  • Irregation Set

    Irregation Set