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HR Manager (Projects)

Location : Indian Cancer Society, 74, Jerbai Wadia Road, Bhoiwada, Parel, Mumbai 400 012
Job Descripton

HR Project Manager ensure that human resources programs support the long term goals of an HR team. The candidate in this position oversee a variety of administrative programs and functions, and often navigate employee development. The position can be demanding and requires juggling many projects with the needs of many individuals and tasking with developing new HR programs and initiatives, including training seminars.

Position Requirements
  • Qualification : Preferred MBA in HR, PGDM in HR (Specialization)
  • Salary : Negotiable
  • Experience : 8 to 10 years needed. Essentially NGO Experience is needed
  • Age limit : up to 45 years
  • Skills : Leadership, exemplary communication and analytical skills and relationship management expertise
  • Send your resume to chitra@indiancancersociety.org
Roles & Responsibilities :

HR Project Manager plan, direct and implement a variety of HR programs. Accomplishing this overall goals requires some keys tasks, including the following :

Develop HR Training Programs :

HR Project Manager create a variety of training programs and courses for the HR department as well as for the organization as a whole. They should conduct seminars related to HR Policy for the organization. These Managers routinely direct and manage seminars, trainings and courses, and more.

Research & Prepare Reports on HR Trends :

HR Project Managers need to know about HR tends as well as tends specific policies related to the organization. In addition, the HR Project Manager will need the skills to compile this information in a way that's readable and accessible.

Create and Revise HR Programs :

HR Project Managers spend much of their time creating and revising HR programs and policies. This can include updating existing policies as well as creating new ones. The ability to create documents and communicate ideas effectively is very essential.

Training the Department Heads :

HR Project Managers has to provide information and mentorship to all the Department Heads on how to implement and follow HR polices.

Represent the HR Department :

The HR Project Manager should be comfortable communicating with new people about HR department.

Key Competencies :
  • Program Directing
  • Research Skills
  • Personnel Management
  • Time Management

Project lead - Cancer Survivorship and Rehabilitation Vertical

Location : Parel, Mumbai
Job Descripton
  • Design, strengthen and deliver cancer survivor programs with special emphasis on the Rehabilitation vertical.
  • Work on personal recovery of survivors and ensure independent living within a stipulated time.
  • Evolve, manage, and monitor delivery of skill programs and other emotional support programs.
  • Evolve mechanisms for collaboration with external stakeholders and partners for training, certification and employment.
  • Strategize for local collaborations and partnerships across states.
  • Identify and create an inventory of community resources to enhance referrals.
Other Skills
  • Skills on program/project management, writing funding proposals.
  • Strong market, community and constituent perspective.
  • Excellent oral and written communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to monitor and adjust activities to respond to changing circumstances and priorities to meet goals.
Position Requirements
  • Qualification : Master’s degree in Social Work
  • Experience : Minimum five years work experience, with a health and livelihood perspective
  • Languages : Fluency in English and Hindi
  • Send your resume to chitra@indiancancersociety.org

Statistical Assistant

Job Descripton
  • Statistical data analysis - SPSS, EPIINFO, Joint Point Regression, STATA etc
  • Generating incidence and mortality tables
  • Interpretation of data
  • Preparing Presentations
  • Maintaining data in software - Transfer of Data
  • Data Cleaning and management as per the international standards
  • Maintaining Quality Control of data
  • Understanding and hands on experience of Excel
Other Criteria
  • Position: Statistical Assistant
  • Qualification: B.Sc. Statistics
  • Experience: At least 1 year
  • Key Role: Data Management and Analysis
  • No. of vacancies: 1
  • Salary: Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 k p.m.
  • Male/Female candidates from Mumbai can apply
  • Last Date to apply: 5th August 2019
  • Send applications to chitra@indiancancersociety.org / Mahesh.shirke@indiancancersociety.org

Assistant Camp Coordinator

Job Descripton
  • Oversee the implementation of camp operations and programs to ensure quality.
  • Ensure all events and pre camp, camp, post camp activities are implemented in timely and coordinated manner as per checklist in association with the organizing partners/sponsors.
  • Supervise and direct the staff in camp preparation and follow up of suspect cases
  • Registration of beneficiaries at camps.
  • Maintain and submit all records and reports pertaining to Screening camps and awareness activities in time.
  • Maintain records and receipts of financial transactions, records events during the camps and ensure timely submission of camp reports.
  • At Office, assist the Camp Coordinators in preparing camp and other reports of General & BEST, MSRTC.
  • Assist Camp Coordinator in maintaining the data of both BEST & MSRTC.
  • Maintain tobacco users list of both BEST & MSRTC.
  • Maintain pictures of suspect cases in respective district folder.
  • In absence of other Camp Coordinators, coordinate camps of General, BEST& MSRTC.
  • Any other job as assigned by Vertical Head/Manager/Project Manager/Executive.
  • 60% travel within Maharashtra as and when required.
Other Criteria
  • Qualification: BSW/MSW/BSc
  • Languages: Hindi, Marathi, and English.
  • Computer skills: Good in Data entry operation, MS Excel and MS word
  • Experience: One or Two years’ experience in field work
  • Male/Female candidates from Mumbai can apply.
  • Last date to apply: 23rd June, 2019
  • Send your resume to chitra@indiancancersociety.org

Attendant - Cancer Screening

Job Descripton
  • Helping in the preparation of camps. The Attendant helps in arranging consumables, IEC materials and other equipments a day before camp
  • Assist doctors in examination of the patients and preparation of beneficiaries during the camps.
  • Execute office work on non-camp days.
  • Help in timely dispatching of reports to the organizers.
  • Sterilization of the equipments as and when required.
  • Ensure biomedical waste is dispatched on time.
  • Any other job assigned by the Camp Coordinators/Executive/Senior Executive/Vertical Head.
Other Criteria
  • Qualification: HSC/SSC passed
  • Computer Knowledge: Operating Knowledge
  • Languages known: Hindi, Marathi & reading and writing English
  • Experience: 1 or 2 years
  • Male candidates from Mumbai can apply
  • Last Date to apply: 23rd June, 2019
  • Send your resume to chitra@indiancancersociety.org

Cyto Technician - Cancer Screening

Job Descripton
  • Assist Gynecologist in medical examination, collection of cervical/PAP smear and fixing of slides for further examination.
  • Assist Camp Coordinator in preparation of consumables a day before camp.
  • Health Education and Counseling of patient attending camps.
  • Demonstrate self-breast examination to the beneficiaries during camp.
  • Prepare slides and documents for further processing immediately after the camp.
  • Ensure biomedical waste is dispatched on time.
  • Any other job assigned by Camp Coordinator during camps and at the office.
  • Any other job assigned by Camp Coordinators/Manager/Vertical Head at the office
Other Criteria
  • Qualification: BSc, BMLT, knowledge of conducting Pap Smear Test
  • Languages: Hindi, Marathi, and English
  • Computer skills: Good in Data entry operation, MS Excel and MS word
  • Experience: 1 or 2 years experience in conducting Pap Smear Test
  • Female candidates from Mumbai can apply.
  • Last Date to apply: 23rd June, 2019
  • Send your resume to chitra@indiancancersociety.org

Heavy Vehicle Driver

Job Descripton
  • Travel to site of operation and back by the safest and shortest routes possible
  • Preparation of Van/Bus for the camp so as to ensure that they are in perfect working conditions
  • Able to handle minor repair and flat tyres during travel
  • Ensure that the vehicle is parked at the safe location or as required for camp operation at venue
  • Keep all documents and registration details handy while travelling in city or other districts of Maharashtra.
  • Ensure timely maintenance of vehicle and other vehicle related equipments such as AC, Generator from time to time.
  • Assist in camp operations as per discretion of camp coordinator
  • Any other job assigned by the camp coordinator, Asst. Manager - Cancer Screening at camp site.
  • Appropriately using and handling of electrical testing and repairing equipments.
Other Criteria
  • Qualification: 10th passed
  • Additional Qualification: Permanent License for HMV vehicle
  • Experience: at least 3 years of experience of driving Heavy Motor Vehicle with proven track record
  • Languages: Hindi, Marathi, and read and understand English
  • Male candidates from Mumbai can apply
  • Last date to apply: 23rd June, 2019
  • Send your resume to chitra@indiancancersociety.org

Outreach Worker - Cancer Screening

Job Descripton
  • Visit camp sites and coordinate with organizers in preparation of the screening camp.
  • Organize and participate in health education sessions one week before the camp.
  • Assist Organizers in registration of beneficiaries.
  • Visit beneficiaries at their home for mobilizing them for screening camps.
  • Participate in camp activities as per the discretion of Camp Coordinators.
  • Visit Suspect cases to motivate them for further investigation.
  • 60% travel within Maharashtra as and when required
  • Any other job assigned by Vertical Head/Manager/Senior Executive/Camp Coordinators.
Other Criteria
  • Qualification: Minimum HSC passed
  • Computer Knowledge: Good in data entry operation, MS Excel & MS Word.
  • Languages known: Hindi, Marathi & English Writing and reading in English
  • Experience: 1 or 2 years experience in field work
  • Male candidates from Mumbai can apply
  • Last date to apply: 23rd June, 2019
  • Send your resume to chitra@indiancancersociety.org