Partner with Indian Cancer Society

Indian Cancer Society has been doing sterling work in the fight against cancer across India. The extent of help required is phenomenal. Most of the patients who come to us from all over the country are from underprivileged sections of society. In such cases, undergoing the expensive treatment is beyond their capacity. Indian Cancer Society is entirely dependent on public support for its various activities concerned with financing the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients as well as for spreading cancer awareness and its early detection by screening. Indian Cancer Society cannot work for the cause of cancer without the support of partners and sponsors; therefore we need your help to create a greater impact and to reach people across the country.

We have a wide range of events and initiatives that you could sponsor, enhancing your brand profile while helping us to raise requisite funds.

Sponsorships are a great way to support us while developing deeper connections with the target audiences, motivating your employees, achieving your corporate social responsibility and also your marketing objectives. Our sponsorship opportunities range from awareness to screening to our cancer cure fund and survivorship and rehabilitation of cancer survivors. Registry, education and research is yet another area for sponsorship support.

Big FM and RJ Abhilash brought the city together for the cause and helped raise over Rs. 11 lakhs for treatment of childhood cancer patients.

BIG FM, one of India's largest radio networks, with RJ Abhilash ran a 5 week association with Indian Cancer Society on his evening show - Mumbai ka sabse badaa struggler. The association was a fund-raiser by RJ Abhilash for childhood cancer patients.

This collaboration helped listeners understand more about cancer, various aspects of childhood cancer, early signs & symptoms, importance of screening, myths, cancer treatment and care, survivorship, rehabilitation and mainstreaming of cancer survivors through interviews with ICS trustees and Oncologists. It also helped spread awareness not only through the show but also social media.

We would be happy to discuss these and any other ideas with you.

Join hands with us and let us together rise against cancer!

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