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How You Can Donate

We at the Indian Cancer Society are one of the oldest Cancer NGOs in India. Our work encompasses the entire Cancer spectrum from Cancer awareness, early detection, diagnosis and treatment funding, post-treatment support, and rehabilitation. Our main focus is the underprivileged section of the society both in urban and rural India.

Your one decision to donate to an NGO can save many lives. Thank you for choosing to donate to the Indian Cancer Society. Your contribution is valuable to us.

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What is Cancer Registry and Statistics Research Fund?

Indian Cancer Society started the cancer registration procedure in 1963, as the first registry in India. We have developed an enormous database on cancer incidence and mortality in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and Aurangabad and a large number of research articles have been published based on this data. The importance of accurate and latest data in designing a cancer control policy for the country can’t be over-emphasized. The study of trends in incidence, prevalence, and mortality over time provides important clues to whether cancer control is being achieved in the population. Cancer registries are the foundation upon which cancer prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs can be built eg ICS cancer registry has been furnishing data to Maharashtra State Government and ICMR enabling them to formulate cancer policies for the country and to allocate funds in a relevant manner.

What is General Fund?

The General Fund is created and maintained by our NGO to cover general expenses not specific to a project/ cause/ need. This helps cover expenses vital to running the organization. Expenses such as administrative expenses, various overhead are paid from the General Fund. Most Cancer NGOs maintain a General Fund to help them meet the donation gap created when donors donate only to a specific project/ cause/ need or any unexpected expense which may arise during the course of running the organization. If you are looking for the best cancer NGO to donate to, Indian Cancer Society is the best. Minimum donation Rs 250

What is Corpus Fund?

Corpus Fund is considered to be the capital of a cancer organization. The Fund is generated and kept by us for the sustenance and existence of the organization. The Corpus Fund is of paramount importance to the organization as it helps us during the times of distress. Only the interest/ dividend earned from it is accumulated or utilized for general purposes. It is required for the smooth sustenance of the organization. We are currently trying to build a Corpus Fund of 12 months of expenditure of the organization thereby ensuring a smooth sustenance. It will help reduce financial vulnerability and thereby help us achieve our goals. Minimum donation Rs 500

What is Gift Wholesome Nutritious Meals to an underprivileged cancer patient fund?

Your donation to cancer patients will help them regain health during their cancer journey. Good nutrition is critical for people undergoing cancer treatment. Wholesome meals during the treatment helps maintain body weight, improves strength and energy, decreases risk of infection and helps the body in healing and recovery. ICS is the best cancer organization to donate to, And Cancer patients will be provided with a wholesome meal, milk and tea. Cost per day for a holistic meal per patient is Rs 70. Per beneficiary amount Rs 1500

What is Lending a helping hand to underprivileged cancer patients for initial diagnosis and treatment Fund?

Many poor patients reach a cancer hospital, but because they have no money for the diagnostics tests, return home. They come back when the cancer is in an advanced stage, the treatment is difficult and the chances of survival are not good. This cancer fund donation supports such patients for their diagnostic tests and also their first emergency treatment without any loss of time, giving them the best opportunity for recovery from cancer. Donate money to cancer patients. Minimum donation Rs 2000

What is Sponsor Childhood Cancer Survivors for the School/ College education Fund?

Childhood cancer survivors need a helping hand as they are from underprivileged backgrounds, their parents have spent a lot of money on treatment and most have taken loans which they struggle to pay back. Going back to school is a priority because it gives children a sense of normalcy and it is an important part of their social and academic development. Donate to Childhood Cancer Patients and give them hope for a better future. Per beneficiary amount Rs 3000

What is Help save precious lives Fund?

The cost of cancer care is a huge concern to everyone, especially the underprivileged, when they revive this frightening diagnosis. Loss of income, bills and debt can add up quickly causing enormous financial and emotional strain on the patient and family. Many are not able to afford treatment costs and therefore do not survive the disease.

The Cancer Care Fund & your decision to donate provides financial aid to patients with an income less than 4 lakh per year. The program has transformed the lives of cancer patients, many of whom have completed their treatment and returned to a productive life once again.

Indian Cancer Society has implemented this program in 17 hospitals across India and 80% of the beneficiaries are less than 30 years old. Minimum donation Rs 3000

What is Cancer Prevention Program Fund?

Indian Cancer Society believes that preventing the incidence of cancer is possible through creating awareness amongst the population of India. The incidence of cancer is increasing rapidly, therefore it is important to step up cancer literacy and knowledge amongst the population through various mediums like leaflets, short films in regional languages etc. Our awareness efforts aim to educate people on signs and symptoms of cancer, ill effects of tobacco, and smoking etc. These activities are crucial not only to spread awareness but also to reduce stigma related to cancer.

Literature published across suggests that delay in detection leads to poor survival and early detection leads to better and economic treatment. Poor knowledge of symptoms and erroneous belief related to cancer and it’s treatment seems to be taking a toll and is worrying causes of concern. Being aware of cancer in general helps you to understand the signs and symptoms and also aims to lower your risks of getting diagnosed with cancer. If you believe in our fight against Cancer, make your contribution. Minimum donation Rs 1000

Some objectives of ICS’ Cancer Awareness Program

  • Create cancer awareness and remove the stigma and fear attached.
  • Help people recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer, thus enabling them to seek treatment at an early stage.
  • Educate people about the risk factors, since more than 30% of cancer cases could be prevented by modifying lifestyle or avoiding the risk factors.
  • Educate people about the importance of regular health check-ups and screening.
  • The objective being, that if you are aware of all these factors, you can stay two steps ahead of cancer!